Ignacio Zuloaga, Portrait of a Dwarf, 1899, Oil on Canvas, 150 x 55cm, Musee d’Orsay, Paris

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Archie Bell and The Drells - Tighten Up (1968)
#265 on Rolling Stone Magazine's List of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time and One of the Earliest Funk Hits in Music History.- Wikipedia


“D.C. WITCHES Hex United Fruit,” Guardian (1969)
Last Wednesday was a rainy day in Washington, a perfect day for witches to emerge and terrorize the countryside, as the old myths go. Eleven women, looking like countless secretaries streaming through downtown office buildings on their way to lunch, took an elevator up into the building at 1511 K St. NW here, where the United Fruit offices are located. They entered a door marked Women’s room, and emerged WITCHES.
Armed with drums, a steaming cauldron of banana peels with Chiquita labels, hexes and leaflets that spoke truth, they cackled and screamed down to the sixth floor and into the United Fruit offices to spread their evil:
United Fruit makes lots of loot By robbing the poor who picks its fruit. Bananas and rifles; sugar and death. War for profit; tarantulas’ breath. United Fruit makes lots of loot, The CIA is in its boot. Workers unite; the dictators fall: United Fruit perish; freedom for all!


Portrait of the Art Dealer Johanna Ey, 1924
Otto Dix


Love at first sight

'eyeball licker' by Suehiro Maruo


Gerda Taro on a bed, Paris, 1935
Artist: Robert Capa


Picasso, La Celestina (detail) 


French postcard shows how to eat a banana from age 18-40.
Really?  Bananas?


Rogier van der Weyden, Descent from the Cross

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The Julie Ruin - Ha Ha Ha

I’m going to the city to see The Julie Ruin tonight. I’m pretty stoked to finally get to see Kathleen Hanna live. I’ve been a fan of hers for like 20 years and I’ve never had the chance before. I like Le Tigre better than The Julie Ruin but it’s still pretty great stuff, this song in particular. ♥ 

Jan Svankmajer - Insectos (1976)